Skin: A Short Story (Published by Slices of Anxiety)

Authors Note: This is a piece of horror/psychological thriller that plays around with the concept of innocence when murder is committed accidentally. I have posted an excerpt below, but to read the entire story, you will have to visit:

It’s my birthday, and here I am, sitting by myself in his apartment while he plays happy family with his wife and kids. We’ve agreed to keep this secret, but the fact that he has chosen to spend time with her on my birthday makes me sick. I’ve gone through four bottles of red wine, three cans of coke, and an entire cheesecake. So, it’s safe to say that I’m officially drowning my sorrows. He told me he would be back at 10 pm, but it’s midnight. I assume she has seduced him into bed again. My phone buzzes in my pocket.

On my way back, I’m so sorry that I’m late. I’ll explain when I get in. I love you.

I strip down to the new lingerie that I bought for tonight, red lace bedazzled with cherries. I spritz myself with a bit of perfume and wipe down with a baby wipe. He’s going to be so sorry that he missed out on spending my birthday with me. I’m going to make sure that he doesn’t do it again. The lock turns, and he walks through the door with a massive sigh of relief.

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