a breakfast moon // senryu

Authors Note: To follow on from ‘Pretty Boy’, this linked Senryu displays my contempt for those who judge what others eat or how much they weigh.

why are you so scared
of fat people and what they
choose to eat daily?

show me your six-pack
show me your clean bill of health
show me why you hate

keep our names out of
your vile condescending mouth
we laugh at your fear

your brain cells are less
than that of the egg yolk that
smiles up at me now

judgement will ruin
you and your relationships
look at your body

at a funeral
would you curse the largeness of
the box of our dead?

we should sew your mouth
with intestines because you
think you’re perfection

sweetheart we all die
what you shove down your throat does
not matter to me

I will eat the moon
I will eat the stars and their
fatty livers too

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