Selected Publications from 2023:

Roi Fainéant Press: ‘The Black Widow‘ (January)

Bel Espirit Project:Alethia’s Mirror(January)

DFL Lit:Hell’s Ashtray, Calypso & Landlord of the Soul‘ (January)

Dont Submit Lit:A Sonnet for Hanged Men‘ (February)

Pink Plastic Press:I Have Bled a Thousand Suns(February)

Bullshit Lit:Beyond the Fig Tree‘ (February)

Iamb Poetry:June Bug, Charlie & The Maggot on Maple Street‘ (March)

Dont Submit Lit:Burning Land‘ (March)

Visual Verse:Grass-Fed (March)

Bel Espirit Project:Etcetera‘ (Forthcoming)

JMWW:Milk Teeth‘ (Forthcoming)

Roi Fainéant Press:Clay Women’ (April)