fire escape // poem

we met online in a chat room.the yellow raincoat behind youkept you warm as you fingeredthe keys of your computer.watching the news coverageof some fool climbing up atall building. with your packof smokes, you’d hop outthe window to the fire escape.but when it all went wrong,you started talking about godand binary code. life was buta... Continue Reading →

Buy Me A Coffee

There are quite a few of you who follow this blog. I began this particular journey back in June. Now, if you want to show some extra support, you can go to my ‘Buy Me A Coffee’ and donate. Your money will go towards furthering my career and my general expenses in life. So, if... Continue Reading →

Be The Root // Mini Essay About Marketing Yourself

“Don’t be disheartened by rejection. Your work isn’t you.”  This is advice most writers are given after complaining about rejection. However, I think it’s incorrect. What we write is often heavily inspired by our real-life experiences. Therefore, it is an extension of ourselves. Our industry is challenging to navigate. People will naively respond to these... Continue Reading →

Poems: A Thin Slice of Anxiety

Cody Sexton from A Thin Slice of Anxiety took on some of my poetry. They have officially dropped, and if you want to read them then you can follow the link below. "I was born again as a nymph-like angel. blame him if I am a blasphemous whore, an egotist or an unfeminist. girls/females/boss ass... Continue Reading →

Charlie // Flash Fiction

I woke up to a phone call at three in the morning on a Wednesday night. The boss wanted to see me in his office right away. I pulled myself together and attempted to look semi-presentable at such short notice. With seaweed green sleep still poking my eye, I hailed a taxi to the central... Continue Reading →

squid game // poem

she walks into a Starbucks, and sheorders; a large pumpkin spice latte,five biscuits, two slices of lemonloaf, three mugs, and four bags ofcoffee beans. the cashier totals itall up and makes it out to be £100. a woman walks to the counterand asks to use the bathroom,but she’s asked to buy somethingfirst. she looks down... Continue Reading →

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