sixteen — micro fiction

I stood on the corner of the street, fishnet stockings pulled up and a newspaper under my arm. The burgeoning warmth of strobe lights came from the casino. I was sixteen years old, and every man loved me, but every woman hated me. London had always been unique to a girl like me, a loveable rogue who couldn’t help but find men falling at her feet as thrilling as almost dying. I always got the same rush as when I stood in front of that double-decker bus that one bonfire night. Luckily for me, and I say luckily with jest, you pulled me away and threw me on the ground. I never forgave you for that. You’re married now with two kids in tow, but I always taste that strawberry milk you used to buy from the Asian market. My date rounded the corner in his Saville Row suit, Louis Vuitton shoes, and his solid gold cufflinks. 

“Darling, are you sure you’re eighteen?” 

I shoved my hand down the front of his pants. 

“It’s not very nice to assume a stranger is lying to you,” I replied. 

We spent that evening making love, drinking wine, and talking about the world. He snuck out the following morning, never to be seen again. I sobbed for a few days, but I was soon back on that street corner with my sunburnt skin, waiting for my date to arrive.

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  1. A story as old as time; yet, enormously fascinating, because its as fresh as today’s news. This brings up a question. Is our Lolita looking just for money, or does she long for something more. Men use her to satisfy their needs; but I question, what are Lolita’s needs. Just money, or something else. Would a man look past her “job” and truly “notice” her, and care to ask, what she seeks.
    Everyone needs attention, tenderness, compassion, understanding, respect, loyalty, and love. Men get that plus sex from Lolita. Apart from money, does anyone care to ask her what she truly “needs”?
    Doe anyone care to ask Lolita what she searches for. She can make an incredible wife, if she seeks that, but no one seems to look past her “job”, or reputation.
    And what will she do if one man does, and loves her for her potential, and loves her regardless of her job.
    Is this the tale as old as time…..
    Finding the love that fills her soul, and fullfill her dreams of leaving her loneliness behind.


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