HLR’s ‘PORTRAIT OF THE POET AS A HOT MESS’ is a dizzying journey into the mind of someone who has suffered extraordinarily. These poems are displayed like bone fractures across the page. The words are like bullets grazing your skin. 

The title is seemingly apt as HLR explores the various scars and injuries made to her body. In one poem, she poetically expresses the distinctions between her various tattoos and the places they occupy. She expertly threads the abuse we do to ourselves through the fine lexicons of this micro-chapbook. 

“a memory: you are watching your older sister moisturise her elbows and knees and you are thinking I’ll have to do that one day, if I ever get to be a teenager” — Skin 

You can read PORTRAIT OF THE POET AS A HOT MESS for free via Ghost City Press. https://t.co/4cJnT5G3dy?amp=1
If you would like to donate to HLR, you can via https://t.co/gBbMUY8A2s?amp=1

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