Buy My Poetry!

I recently released my chapbook STRAWBERRY with @alienbuddhapress Alien Budhha Press. It is available to buy on Amazon! 

I will provide you with a sample of the poetry that’s in there.


I roll over in my sleep, witching hour in full bloom. The glow of my dumpling night light makes shadows on the wall. I see you in your apartment, with a jazz record serenading your silence. Your moustache is preened with wax that smells like licorice. You’ve thrown your phone in the river, and you’ve told your mother that you won’t be round for dinner. The water is boiling on the stove, the milky and opal bubbles rise to the top, on the verge of overflowing. Soon, the caretaker will stop by to check on your aloe vera plants.

A crystal glass sits on the bathtub, lacquered by your finest brandy. Her lipstick marks still remain, outdated and bitter. A lemon wedge shoved down the sofa sticks up like a leather smile. You’ve put rice in the rice cooker, and your leftover curry spins continuously in the microwave. The monotony of the dripping tap hitting the sink sticks to you like saran wrap. The glassblower made you a dolphin that you keep on your windowsill. By evening, it transforms into an atlas moth. It’s been a strange month darling, but I hope you’re no longer hurting.


sixteen/blonde girls with apple hickeys and orange collars/buttered skin with coconut oil/how was I supposed to compete with their beauty and youth when I overfill my jeans/my fellow traveller forced to be half n’ half/my eyes dotted with glitter and lips lacquered with uterine lining/let this body rot even further/pinstripes shaving bone/to be truly ugly/dreaming of soho with the quirky theatres and astrology shops/a severed heart hangs from the telephone box/with a notice that says RENT ME


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