History of Present Compliment

Self Portrait of the Poet as Gothic

Last night, I was a part of an organised Poetry night at my local train station! Bryan Dunne, runner of Northern Poets Society (which we are all part of), collaborated with the council to put on an exhibition in the gallery. We drank wine and recited poetry for three hours! It was a wonderful night, and you can read the poem below!

History of Present Inertia
The piece of art that went along with my poem.
History of Present Inertia
Find me…

I also happened to get chatting to David from the local radio station who came along. He has invited me on some time!


  1. Sounds like a place where, all the great minds, gather around, to, exchange thoughts, must be amazing, to have such a place to go to, where, you can, just, let out that part of you, that usually, don’t come out to play often enough.

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    1. It started as an online group, but Bryan manages to get in touch with the local council and get permission for live events and collaborations! There were about twenty five of us at one point! It was a really good night!


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