Today has been filled with a lot of worry and tears. Barney (cat) was fine this morning, but he changed mid-morning. He was sick three times, so we eventually took him to the vet at 4 pm. They are keeping him overnight. We got home and sobbed on the sofa. I got a headache from crying, so I popped two Nurofen. The vet called a few hours later. Barney’s temperature has decreased, and he has a high white blood cell count. So, he’s fighting some infection, but they don’t know what type. The vet is happy with his progress and has started him on antibiotics. They will call us in the morning. All we can do is wait, but I can’t sleep. His food bowl is still full, and I hope it will soon be empty when we can bring him home. I can’t let myself have hope because it always brings extreme sorrow.


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