You Suck

for him 

CANCER, you fucking suck. you’re a worthless piece of dirt who ruins all our lives with your filthy poison. we have tried to burn you, maim you, insult you, and eat you alive, but you stick around. my boyfriend was a CANCER who died of CANCER. in a cruel sense of hilarity, you completed a circle of irony. where do you wanna take a shot at next, huh? the stomach? the lungs? the pancreas? the throat? fuck you CANCER, fuck you. the urgency of your presence makes me want to take myself off to a bar and drink whiskey until I can’t see straight. you just want to be buttered up by the rawness of it all. when there is nothing left to give, you spit at us again. fuck you, CANCER. my dreams have been stolen by you. he was taken from me because of you! execution style! you’re a cell regeneration gone bad, armed with a sniper and an atom bomb of pain. what you can’t kill is our love. your victims may be gone, but we always remember. burn in hell CANCER, burn in fucking hell. 

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