Self-Portraits, Power, and Haiku

Cherries In The Snow – Revlon

A woman’s power is something to behold. As cruel as this world can be, we can turn a bad situation into an opportunity. Now, I have always felt like a femme fatale, but I don’t look like one. I think many women run on the fact that men (if that is their sexuality) are attracted to them. Quite frankly, it’s how we get by. You can leave your house feeling like an ogre, but once a man shows a little interest, you feel on top of the world.

However, there is always an unfortunate side to this. If you do not meet a man’s expectations of beauty, then he is far less inclined to listen to what you have to say. He will favour the doe-eyed darling in the corner who cradles a glass of cheap chardonnay. In some cases, an intelligent woman pales in comparison to a semi-pretty girl. Sadly, they have misread the situation and failed to grasp the wealth of our power.

I haven’t been thin since I was twelve years old, and we are in an age of transformation. Everyone and their mother seem to be posting before and after pictures, strongly indicating that how they were before was undesirable.

Beauty Is Power
Spooky Beauty

I am 5ft 4, and just over 16 stone. I see so many women talk about their bodies, and it can feel insulting when half of them are 10 stone or less. They have no idea what it is like as a fat woman in a world dominated by slim people. For as long as I can remember, I have had to rely on my brain to get by.

“She’s clever as hell, but she ain’t a looker.”

darling boy

please save me from the
lonely hearts club, darling boy
my shot in the dark

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