mental warfare // a poem

how do you feel today? how has your mood been? what’s been on your mind?

Today I feel…


an old envelope sticks out from
the pages of your copy of Vonnegut.
baby, how can I leave this place
when your spirit lives here?

stopping by the old curiosity
shop I found a packet of cigars
from the late ’40s. just to the left
of those was a tin of old mints.
if you were here, I know you’d
tell me that she doesn’t compare.

in your eyes, I was your sweetheart
who got you through so much. When
you were feeling low, I talked you
through it all. you couldn’t understand
why my writing wasn’t getting noticed.
a poet with a broken heart. I saw a
shooting star through the shop window
and I wondered if there was anything
left for me here.

Today I feel…

patient left it blank

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