On The Power of Social Media For Writers

I have noticed that a lot of my writing peers only very recently joined social media. This surprises me, given some of us are similar ages and grew up as the internet evolved. Now, I may be an exception when you consider that my father and grandfather work with computers. If there is one thing you shouldn’t do, it is to underestimate social media.

As we all know, all businesses utilise social media in one way or another. I would argue that a writer needs to infiltrate every corner of the internet. Networking via social media is current. While we still use word of mouth, the internet plays a large part in marketing yourself or your brand.

Most people are heavily swayed by the bad press that the world of social media often receives. Everything has a bad and good side. I have met so many wonderful people through these platforms. Isn’t it magical that you can talk to people from all over the world from the comfort of your own home?

Rupi Kaur kickstarted her career by posting her poetry on Instagram, and look at her now. You never know who might see your posts on social media because many big players are scouting. A friend of mine recently got offered a book deal off the back of a short story he had published. This is the power of social media. People think of social media as apps, but websites/literary journals are social media platforms too.

Navigating social media gets more detailed once you start looking at analytics, SEO’s, and other elements. However, this blog post is merely meant to highlight the importance of having a social media presence. Do not fight the winds of change in the technological world. Embrace them and let them carry you into ultimate paradise.

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