don’t sleep on me // senryu

[H𝓪ppy N𝓪tion𝓪l Poetry D𝓪y]

you’re the one with the
mask // with the high definition
sound system bullshit

this is your true form
while they think you’re an angel
apples never lie

this world ignores those
who have a little fat on
raspberry juice hips

my voice is louder
and I will not be ignored
let’s pull the trigger

they blind themselves to
my intelligence // I know
how they operate

a dash of sweetness
and pints of hatred // it’s their
sick undercurrent

this place is cutthroat
if you bite I will bite back
harder than before

don’t sleep on me // bitch
the underdogs always win
dusting off my gown

this sad girl is fuelled
by rage and grief // this fat girl
feeds off infamy

my cherry lips will
lick traces of you off him
like a lollipop

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