Short Story Excerpt//Trouble in Paris (working title)

Authors Note: This is a little excerpt from a short story I’m working on. This will most likely be deleted once the story has been completed.

She sat outside the Les Deux Magots in Paris. A glass of rich coffee sat next to her burning cigarette that had been resting on the edge of the ashtray. The evening had set in, and Maria was keenly observing the passers-by. 

The roaring chorus of joy rang out across the entirety of the city. The scene was brushed with a delicate shade of blue, leaving a soft glow on one half of Maria’s cheek. An elderly man stopped underneath a street lamp for a brief moment. Reaching into his coat pocket, he took out a large gold coin. 

At first, Maria thought it was a chocolate coin. It was not until he bit down on it that she realised it was not. Just as he had been fiddling with the coin, another man walked by with a large briefcase. Suddenly, the elderly gentleman collapsed onto the puddle of oil beneath him. 

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