Appreciation vs Attention//Twitter Thread

Here is a Twitter thread that I composed yesterday where I discussed my recent decision to take a break from writing.

The above thread expresses my reasons for quitting writing. People have been asking me if I just want attention rather than writing for the right reasons, but they seem to forget the human need for appreciation. Why would anyone continue to do something when they get absolutely nothing in return? I did not start writing for it to be still ignored twenty years later. Another comment I get is that I mustn’t be engaging with other writers enough, which is entirely wrong. They are fortunate enough to have people buy their books which blinds them to my reality where people scroll past my achievements without saying a word. I was never popular in school, and I am less popular online. Nobody tells me that I am their favourite writer like other writer’s. So, I have come to my breaking point and have decided to pull a Bukowski and stop writing. I’ve recently gotten into photography, so that will be my focus, and I’ll also be reading. 

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