This Is What Happens When You Leave Me Alone – D.T. Robbins//Book Review

D.T. Robbins is an intelligent man. He’s also amusing, which always helps. His shitposting on Twitter makes me laugh, but he has various nuggets of wisdom that we could all learn from. This Is What Happens When You Leave Me Alone is an example of unadulterated chaos. The human mind is often a minefield of atrocities, as most of us know, and this poetry collection portrays that perfectly. D.T. explores his childhood through this work of art and how that affects his anxieties about parenthood and being a good partner to his beautiful wife. 

His stream of consciousness style compliments this chapbook which is essentially an exploration of an existential crisis. On another note, the cover is both hilarious and poignant. My mother saw it on the kitchen counter and commented that it looked like me when I woke up in the morning, and I can’t say that she was wrong. D.T. doesn’t pretend to be someone he isn’t, and that is evident in this collection. Bukowski would give him a nod of approval, with a bloody cigarette hanging from his morning lips. There is an inherent value in being honest with yourself and everyone around you. The perils of the human mind are often ugly, and we shouldn’t hide that. D.T. Robbins is someone to watch out for, and I’ll be reading more of him for years to come! My two favourite poems were obligatory poem about the moon & my first car was a 1989 Suzuki Samurai that I wrecked three times before I turned 16

You can find D.T. on Twitter: @dt_robbins
He is also the founder of Rejection Letters Press: @rejectionlit

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