What would I have liposuction on first? It would be my stomach because that’s my main issue. Then, it would be my face. I would be as lean as a starved turkey. I would be like her then, all hourglass figure and no smarts. Society loves to assume that there aren’t a portion of people who judge you by the way you look, but they are very much mistaken. I saw a man standing outside of the bar the other night, a packet of silk cut hanging out his jeans. I thought he winked at me, so I fixed my hair and got ready to pounce. As I approached this aloof man, he could not have been more obvious about his utter disdain for my presence.

“I’m waiting for someone, so, no thanks.” 

Feeling my cheeks flush with hot embarrassment, I sat at a table nearby. Ten minutes later, the person he was waiting for showed up. She looked like Dita Von Teese with her dark hair, red lips and all-black outfit. I watched the man’s face change from rude to completely smitten. He pulled out a chair for her, opened a door for her and helped her with her coat. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are or what value you bring to a conversation. If you aren’t considered beautiful, then men will not acknowledge you. 

As I downed my drink, preparing to go home, I saw dita and her admirer staring at me. When they saw me notice, they looked away, but I saw that they were laughing. I decided to walk over to their table in the act of defiance.

“Is there a problem?” I asked aggressively. 

“No, darling. Could you leave us alone?” 

I walked away, anger stewing away. I collared a waiter and told him that table 54 wanted their most expensive bottle of champagne. Whilst at their table, I saw a bottle of champagne for £5,000. That will be the most costly way he has insulted a woman in his entire life. 

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