Ode To Twin Peaks

Blue ribbon/lit by electricity/little bombshell with her secrets/only a man in a red room can find out/the curtains bubble and ripple/like the most unreliable river/ketchup bottles swapped out for vials of blood/a little town full of habitual horror/bodies to inhabit/special coffee at the diner by the roadside/liquid gold in a porcelain cup/the mysteries of humanity/an existence that is borne of a place/acid rain will wash it all away/if you let him in/he’ll find your weaknesses/beyond the capabilities of your morality/viewing the world through one eye/eggshell town/cracked open to release the evil/nothin’ happens there/don’t wanna kill nobody/neighbour lends a bag of sugar/sweet milk in a glass bottle/dancing out the steps/just like the blue rose/rarity responds to nicety/around every corner is man/he has silver hair and a denim jacket/he’s a needer/we are the feeders/cockroaches with skin/brazen and below the belt/kiss her mouth/full of static/a sliver of despondency/waiting to be delivered

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