Valley of the Dolls

Sleeping with my parent’s divorce lawyer should have felt wrong, but it was rather exciting. I’d spent so many years sitting in my bedroom doing what a fifteen-year-old girl is supposed to do. I watched Sunday morning cartoons cradling a bowl of lucky charms. I hated the green ones. Mom always picked them out for me. When they sat me down and told me they were getting a divorce, I felt like a balloon that had lost its string. No matter what trouble I might have found myself in or just how fucked my life got, knowing I could go home and pretend to be a princess again put me at ease.


He dragged his cigarette out of the withered packet, tapping off the ash into the open matryoshka doll on his desk. I sat on his lap, gyrating my hips over his crotch. He swept the papers off his desk, sending them to the floor like spinning sycamores. In the midst of him kissing me, I noticed his assistant standing at the door. Klaus waved at her impatiently, and I thought I heard a distant sobbing.

“Why is she crying? Is she scared of you or something?” I panted. 

“No, I think what we’re doing interferes with her morals, and knowing she can’t say anything is eating her up.” 

“So, why doesn’t she quit?” 


Klaus lifted his hips to pull down his boxer shorts.

“She makes more money here than anywhere else.” 

He slid my panties to the side, the ones I stole from my best friend’s drawer. I held on to the hanging light above us, only letting go when Klaus was afraid I might bring the entire ceiling down. 

“What about your clients?” I moaned.

“They can wait,” he grunted. 


When my parents found out about the affair, they didn’t react at all. It wasn’t a surprise because that’s just the kind of family we are. Taking ownership of your faults and actions has been instilled in me since I was small. I admitted what I did, but I refused to say it was wrong. That refusal was the only thing that made them angry.

Falling in love with Klaus was entirely accidental. The first time it happened was close to Christmas. Mom had picked me up from school, and we were going to go shopping after seeing the divorce lawyer. I had been filling up a paper cone with water when I felt a presence behind me. He introduced himself, and I knew there was something there right away. I don’t think he was aware, but I knew I could break down his walls. 

A few weeks after that afternoon, he slipped me a note with an address. I showed up at this tiny one-bedroom apartment above a pizza place. The first time we fucked, all I could smell was pepperoni. Unsurprisingly, it made me hungry, both for food and sex. After we’d finished, we cleaned up and got ourselves some pizza from downstairs. Klaus pretended to be my father, which was very amusing. 

That was three years ago. Since then, I’ve settled down in a place of my own. I see mom and dad on the weekends when none of us are busy with work. 


Klaus’s hands clasped the silk box, knuckles turning white. I kneeled in front of him, playing with the matryoshka dolls. He lifted my chin towards his face, which was now filled with extreme passion. 

“Open it.” 

Inside was a golden capsule on a delicate chain. I immediately clasped it around my neck, lifting my dirty blonde hair out of its way. 

“It’s 18-carat gold.” 

I was astounded at the beauty of this thing. 

“The capsule has been sealed closed, but you should know that it contains my semen.” 

I stood up and sat on his knee. Wearing a man’s cum around your neck wasn’t exactly the gift I had been dreaming of, but it was romantic.

“Whatever happens, you’ll always have a part of me.” 

When I inspected carefully, I saw the jewel that rested on the seam. 

“Genuine ruby.” 

“Klaus, I know you’re a top lawyer, but this is beyond the realms of what you can afford.”

“Well, thanks for the insult. But, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a woman who works at a jeweller.” 

I leaned over him to turn on the sound system. As I danced around his office, he tried to explain.

“They cut me a deal!” 

“You’re not selling heroin or some shit, are you?!” 

He got up to straighten his tie.

“Likely story!” 

We danced around his office, and we drank wine from coffee cups. At that moment, I felt a desperate sense of loss. Nothing had happened yet, but I knew it was going to. Whatever happened, I would always carry Klaus’s semen around my neck. 


Why does every prison smell like bleach? If they just spent money on a few cherry air fresheners, the place would be a tiny bit pleasant. Screams ricochet off the walls, which is not uncommon in a place like this. The glass that comes between us doesn’t seem to have been cleaned for ages. White teardrops make a work of art that would rival Jackson Pollock. Klaus finally makes an appearance, seemingly rugged and unshaven. We both pick up a phone.

“What do you want?” 

“What do you mean? I came to see you because I love you.”

“This is all your fucking fault, you pretentious little bitch.” 

As I rub the golden capsule between finger and thumb, I can’t hold back my tears.

“Hold on a minute! This took TWO people. Yes, I played my part, but so did you.” 

“Fine, fine. I should have known better, but what kind of twisted girl has the idea to entrap a man more than twice her age?” 

I slam the phone back on its hook and stand up. I start to make my way towards the exit when I remember something. Spying Klaus walking back to his cell, I rip off my necklace and throw it at him. 

“Take your fucking semen back, you treacherous letch! I fucking loved you, and this is how you’re going to leave things? Don’t cry tonight when you think back to the nights we spent together, my body writhing with pleasure, feeling your cock expand inside me.” 

Every prisoner, their visitor, and corrections officer are all staring at us in awe.

“You were a fifteen-year-old slut who I stupidly fell for.” 

Klaus immediately regrets what he just said because we both know what will happen when the lights go out tonight. I force myself to take a step forward, briskly walking to the exit as the wolf-whistles and barking of the other inmates attack my senses. I do not doubt that he will die tonight, and I don’t know what I’ll feel. Everyone expects me to realise that I was a dumb kid Klaus took advantage of, but that is far from the truth. I liked him, and I pursued him. We had a relationship, and now it’s over. A group of teenagers are gathered close to the prison. They are using matryoshka dolls as bowling pins. 


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